About Africatown

Africatown is designed to become an economic development initiative to create jobs, for our youth, in Southwest Philadelphia, increase business ownership among the residents of the community and eliminate poverty in one of the most economically depressed communities in Philadelphia. To accomplish these objectives, Africatown, being developed in the community will become a "Tourist Destination Point " for the global African diaspora and other interested persons. Most of the infrastructure already exist in the southwest community, in which Africatown will be situated. Most important are the nearly 500 businesses owned by immigrants that live and work in the community. To accommodate the thousands of new visitors to southwest, additional infrastructure will be required, and several buildings will be proposed to attract businesses, tourist, and shoppers to patronize the many immigrant businesses on the commercial corridors in Africatown.


African Center

Phila AfricatownAfrican Center

The African Cultural Alliance of North America (ACANA) is developing THE AFRICAN CENTER, the first building to be constructed in Africatown. The African Center will be a mixed-use office building, with retail space for small businesses, it will house a community health center and will provide space for an education and skills training programs for youth and adults to prepare employment opportunities in Africa Town and other locations. The African Center will continue to provide a range of social services and legal services to immigrants that are in dire need of help. Subsequently, ACANA will add several moderate priced housing units to The African Center.


ACANA has received a grant to develop the multi-services building from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for $3 million. It is projected that The African Center will cost between $20 to $25 million to construct. This development will create hundreds of short- and long-term jobs in the community for professionals and semi-professionals and possibly have an opportunity for internships for youth in the community.